Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Easy Bathroom Embroidery

Hello, world! I'm excited to be back posting again with some fabulous ideas I've been rolling around in my head, and I plan on posting more regularly! Be looking for me about twice a week now with various crafty and foodie things!

But for today:

I've recently fallen in LOVE with embroidery. I bought a little pillow starter set on clearance at Michael's, sat on it for awhile, pushed it around to various corners around the house, then finally unearthed it and decided to get my mom to teach me a few stitches. I honestly don't know what took me so long to pick up embroidery, especially as much as we road trip! It's fantastic for the car.

Anyway, since that fatal day, I've been itching to work on a big girl project instead of using a starter kit. I love these over at Flamingo Toes, but I've been needing to come up with wall art for my newly-refreshed bathroom at my parent's house. (It's been mine and my mom's work-in-progress every time I come home. I don't know what freshman-in-high school me was thinking. Ugh!) We already have pretty framed fabrics (recycling 4x6 picture frames from my wedding), but it needed an anchor piece. Mom found an unused wooden frame, painted it black, and passed it on to me.

Supplies! The cardboard is the backing for the project since the frame is flying solo (no back or glass). 

Cut the main fabric a little larger than the backing. 

I marked the inside of the frame on the fabric so I knew for certain how much space I was working with. 

Making sure size and spacing are right before I start making. 

I used a sharpie pen to write the quote. It's not as thick as a regular marker line or fabric pencil, so I didn't have to worry as much about the lines getting covered. 

I cut out and attached a fabric bathtub out of one of the other fabrics we framed.  
Ta-da! Isn't it cute? I almost hate to part with it. I might have to make another one for my own bathroom! You were a very wise woman, Mrs. West.

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